"Look into the flames of passion to find the meaning of life"


"Be the Writer"

Totck - Kurt Ken Kaminaka
Zesha - Heather Marie Scott
Quincy - David D. Underwood Jr
Wizard Guitar - Dhevhan Keith
Wizard Keys - Chase Kaminaka
Bassist - Kesha Janaan
Drummer - Greg Craft
Rod Martin
Alan Arato
Chase Kaminaka
Thomas Deir
Raji Abuzalaf
Andrea Torres
Azure Ng
Becky McGarvey
Mary Doeffinger
Nale Donlin
Sheryl Punch
Zesha body double - D. Strawbridge
Director - Diq Diamond
1st AD - Regina Bailey 
1st AD - Jamie Marchetti
Producer - Mark Bell
Camera Assist - Deborah Glazier
Camera Assist - Lymari Graciano
Sound - Jeff Juett 
VFX - Robert Maclean
DP - Makoto Kuchimura
Set Photographer - Paul Yau
Make up - Cat Francell,
Make up -Kelly Kraynekk
Grip - Hunter Sheen
Gapper - Steve Boblin
Scripty- Jane Martin
PA - Irene Hamasaki
PA - Jason Kina
PA - Alan Arato


"Tales of the Circle Keys" is a whimsical love story about a screenplay writer who falls in love with the female character that he has created. Soon he cannot distinguish between dreams and reality which forces him to search for a strange musical instrument that might help him with his dilemma.


Shoot Dates (confirmed):

July 15 - Downtown Honolulu, King Street / 3245 Pali Highway (The Jungle - across street)

July 18 - OZ, 47-259 Miomio Loop, Kaneohe - (Oceanfront Boat Dock)

July 21 - ArtZone Studios, 3245 Pali Highway, Honolulu (The Theater)

July 22 - ArtZone Studios, 3245 Pali Highway, Honolulu (The Screen Writer's Classroom)

July 28  - ArtZone Studios, 3245 Pali Highway, Honolulu (The Audition Room)

August 31 - OZ, Miomio Loop (Reshoot - Last scene)

October 2018 - Completion Celebration - The Arts @ SZ

"Euphoria Awaits..."

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